To live or to spend the life is the question!!!

Clock was beating for 2 o’clock in the night.Ceiling fan was doing it’s job stoplessly very well providing me a background covering music which was dissolving my crying sounds in the dark room. Eyes were all red and wet with the lifetime companions ‘tears’ making the weird faces and chattering teeth, shaking cheeks I was crying out loudly but wanted to cry even more loudly and unconsciously to free up my soul from all the things which made me like this (the hated person).

A thousands of times thought of suicide peeped into me and hundreds of times I have tried it in many ways. I took my hands to neck to grab it forcefully so all the vessels and nerves will be cracked and explode but hands failed everytime returning to my head, disturbing the messed hairs all along. Even I have blocked my inhalation through nose by pressing it with fingers which was also turned out to be unsuccessful.

My mind was saggy with the handful of thoughts which were more than enough to tolerate this life. Nothing is to do for me. For what sake I’m here? No advantage of me to anybody but still I’m here spending life with this crowded world around me which is busy in ignoring me. No one is loyal here and now I’m also not. So I can’t live with such fakeness. I know k I’m not living happily and not letting other people live their life happily. Then why should I be here? I just don’t want to. Lift me from this whorl. It’s better to die alone at once rather than escaping life every time and finding opportunities to run away from people and their boastful mouths every minute. I’m damn sure that no one is going to miss me coz there is nothing to change without me or not a single thing is better because of me. At last no one is yours(as mine).

Clock reminded me of the existing world again beeping a thrice continuously. Made me wipe out blackened under eyes stained with the kajal which I use to make my eyes look live which are really dead now-a-days. Accidentally my eyes stayed on the mirror which was staring at me since an hour in the lightening shine. I was helplessly watching me covering my mouth to avoid another more loud crying shout to come out but the trafficking liquid of my eyes bursted out like a horny wave attacking the shore caressely. Curtaining all the above thoughts beneath the slept eyes unwantedly, I prayed for the no life tomorrow. I should have been found dead with no responsibility to breath again and not to take in that life saving air into me which was killing me every single time I have breathed. I’ll die happily..kill me..

– A lornsoul

What would you all tell this girl about life? Some reasons to live life!!! Comment down to help her out.


Key’s in, start the car,press clutch, 1st gear a li’ll race, gear 2 bang on first gear, gear 3 and here I go.. my way is the coming highway and I’m on with the speed of 70 and gradually a full fledged smooth road for me and speed goes to 120..!!😇
Here I go on with the air, on myself to search what’s in my mind.. what I am planning, discovering and trying to invent in my life.. what’s my individuality?Where I’m standing?😅 The questions popping up in my mind as like popcorns pop out when they burn.
Sometimes it feels to be eagered for taking responsibilities and other times trying to be alone enjoying all d freedom, nothing to be worried for… I remain sandwiched in between these two shores of the same water.. today also this all fumbled and making nest in my mind saying take a deep breath and give a dive to your thoughts for hrs… and your passion will speak. Your fear will be somewhere in air and you’ll get that urge to fight against your passion.. and you’ll get the way of ur life..
This drive lasted at a point where I want to indulge myself wid that deep water and feel that depth which is in my heart and which i can bear till my last breath to live up my passion…
So go.. to create. Take photographs in the wood, run alone in the rain and sing your heart out high up on a mountain where no one will ever hear and your very existence will be the most hypnotising scar. It’s once.. this life is once and passion that leaves one remark and everyone should live that passion… don’t think much just do what u want..

However, I live my passion everyday and every moment.. 😉

What’s your passion? Do you need to drive long or you do something more interesting?


Let’s get started with a new writing style. Today I just remembered ONE LINER STORIES. I have came across this a few years ago and I liked it very much.

You know , it’s the art anyways to tell something very deep in just a line. Rest is all in the reader’s mind how he feels about it and what relates him with it and what he gets from it. Everybody may relate with the story in a different way…

Have you ever tried to tell story in such a way. If not .. then start now, think over it and let me know what you’ve to tell in a line.

Here’s my story :

Her heart will start beating again but he never came her way.

I know this is not the best Or even good I guess but I tried. Let me know what would be the context of the story. Write your stories also .

Today’s Rainy Morning

I was sleeping badly all through the night giving up the loads of thoughts which were disrobing my mind since few days.. In the morning, my eyelids were just not going apart from each other.. trying to be left hugged one another and fighting with the lighty brighty shine of early morning hidden sunny baba.😂
Then how could my head remain in silence.. started taking turns all around the room as like I was in a rollercoaster ; )

These things confused me a lil bit if last night have I taken a downer or what??? 😄 Finally I woke up and removed my body out of that coziest red blanket which I have ever had..Moving to the window I realized k ahhh… that’s the rain’s winter (wintery rain).. I call it ‘Rumaani Thandi’ which I love the most.. 😙
Serving me with a cup of coffee I reached my DIY squared balcony and took a glance over the aspiring faint green colour spreaded in front of my eyes (edge to edge) representing the soul of nature’s beauty..
As soon as a sip of coffee warmed me touching my inner core, I met with a small drop of rain fallen on my chubby cheeks. It was mesmerizing me, hanging me insane, taking me out to the new world. Unknowingly, I closed my eyes and Woow… How soothing it was!! Just a shower of tini tiny rain drops dragged me out in the rain to play with them, to dance in the rain. It drained all of my sorrows and relieved me from the pain as it usually does.. Rain wipes out my tears and freshens up my mood. In all rain heals me…As a result, it introduces a brand new me to myself..smiling ear to ear..😊
This rainy morning really made my day.. I love such mornings..😍

Let me know how’s your morning? ?

That’s what I guess about me!!

Her presence can never be recognized. She remains like a silent letter in a word. She’s like the moonlight. Even if the moon is there in the sky we don’t usually notice the light it emits. Moonlight at the night is like forever thing. We only notice it when no other light is there,thats the point where we need it the most.She’s the same one. She stands up there for us forever but without showing off. Whenever you will need her she will lit up.
She’s the spirit whom I can relate and metaphorize with the opera. It’s the kind of classy music only few of us like to listen. Until someone goes to her, he can’t really get to know who she is actually.. She can’t make first impression and it’s not her fault.. That’s the problem with everyone meeting her cause they take few meetings to peep into and understand everything. And yes.. This is me..

I love…

He pulled my hand and I was following him. This was so unexpected. But, it all felt like we know each other since years. He stopped after a few seconds and showed me something like a surprise. I looked it was a mirror. Mirror, showing two of us. He behind me. A 6 feet tall guy. We were hand in hand. My neck cupping his chin. It was all the warmth in the touch taping me the story. I was totally diving in these thoughts not really conscious of the mirror. He slowly whispered in my ear ‘Look at yourself. How beautiful are you. Just look into your eyes.’
He silenced himself looking at me in the mirror. And I couldn’t distract me for a single second, I was busy in looking into his eyes. I was loving the way he looked at me, the way he held me.
He proceeded saying ‘ you’re so beautiful, don’t ever underestimate yourself.’ Still I wasn’t having the courage of looking at myself.
He closed his eyes, pulled me a bit closer to him, grabbed me fully into his arms from behind. He was loving me, kissing me.
And as usual, I fucked up, acted like a moron. I messed up the whole scene, not knowing how to respond to all this.
I was pushing him away and trying to unlock his arms, succeeded within a minute and ran away just to let him stop me again, against the wall. We were now eye to eye. No mediator mirror here. I can now feel the warmth of his breath. I was losing myself in his. He kissed my forehead making me again fall for him. He locked his lips onto mine. Kissing goes passionately, we were not aware of anything around us, just the we who mattered. I was on the seventh cloud already. How can a person love me the way he was loving. He was so caring. I was happy that at least a guy exists who loves me the way I’m. I was so perfect with my imperfections.
I can now Confidently look at the mirror, look into my eyes and tell the other me that I love myself. 😍


That’s what we feel like burdened under our insecurities

We all have some insecurities. Yeahh!!! It’s the normal thing in human being. But the winner is the person who make insecurities turn into power. Try to make your weak points your positive polls. You should not be falling apart because of these. You should build yourself with these on your sleeve. Surely the whole world will turn upside down for you. You have that potential to make everything the way you want it to be. You just have to dream powerfully and live upto them. Deal with your insecurities everyday. One day, you will look around and see your insecurities tiling up the way for you to the success.

So, make sure you are not running from them, rather you should learn from and play with.

Let me know what are your insecurities and how are you dealing with them?

The perfect kiss tho!!!!

The road was pretty empty that evening. We were just walking side by side. I wondered
‘Why the rain is so beautiful? What you think?
He immediately responded ‘there is something more beautiful than the rain.I turned like ‘huh? What? ‘
He took my hand in his, kissed and said ‘ you ! ‘
I smiled not knowing how to react. I was overwhelmed at this point because it was extremely surprising for me to listen to this. This all caused the dopamine traffic within me.
I just couldn’t help myself and started walking a bit faster, maybe that was my heart pumping blood at more than its usual speed.
Suddenly he grabbed my wrist and turned to his side. We were eye to eye. His hand was around my waist pulling me closer to him. We could listen to each other’s heart beats. I was squeezed out of the world. In my scene, there were only two of us living the moment. Inadvertently, my eyes got closed. He leaned forward and put his lips onto mine. Slowly he brushed his lips onto my mouth and said
‘sweet’. We were so into each other that rain also couldn’t control itself.
A drop of rain tinkled and I opened my eyes to locate no one over there. There was only me in my world. It was a perfect evening and the perfect kiss tho!!!


I just love the rain and so the monsoon. It acts as a healer to my wounds. It soothes my spirit. Inadvertently, I find myself smiling when it rains. When I came across the new prompt by Richa iscrublr Freedom of Expression challenge – Rain I went for this.

This is clicked by me while I was heading to my clinic. I soo wanted to get out of the car but my work didn’t allow me that day.

Rain doesn’t come alone, never. Raindrops carry the happiness, hopes, dreams all the way wherever they go. The emotion so related to rain is romance or love. So, I hope you can all relate with this quote.

Let me know in the comment section what actually rain brings to you and you may share your memories too.