I love…

He pulled my hand and I was following him. This was so unexpected. But, it all felt like we know each other since years. He stopped after a few seconds and showed me something like a surprise. I looked it was a mirror. Mirror, showing two of us. He behind me. A 6 feet tall guy. We were hand in hand. My neck cupping his chin. It was all the warmth in the touch taping me the story. I was totally diving in these thoughts not really conscious of the mirror. He slowly whispered in my ear ‘Look at yourself. How beautiful are you. Just look into your eyes.’
He silenced himself looking at me in the mirror. And I couldn’t distract me for a single second, I was busy in looking into his eyes. I was loving the way he looked at me, the way he held me.
He proceeded saying ‘ you’re so beautiful, don’t ever underestimate yourself.’ Still I wasn’t having the courage of looking at myself.
He closed his eyes, pulled me a bit closer to him, grabbed me fully into his arms from behind. He was loving me, kissing me.
And as usual, I fucked up, acted like a moron. I messed up the whole scene, not knowing how to respond to all this.
I was pushing him away and trying to unlock his arms, succeeded within a minute and ran away just to let him stop me again, against the wall. We were now eye to eye. No mediator mirror here. I can now feel the warmth of his breath. I was losing myself in his. He kissed my forehead making me again fall for him. He locked his lips onto mine. Kissing goes passionately, we were not aware of anything around us, just the we who mattered. I was on the seventh cloud already. How can a person love me the way he was loving. He was so caring. I was happy that at least a guy exists who loves me the way I’m. I was so perfect with my imperfections.
I can now Confidently look at the mirror, look into my eyes and tell the other me that I love myself. 😍


I'm a diligent Balladist, trying to express all kinds of emotions through my writings. Basically, I write for you! 🙂

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